-n  Number of requests to run. Default is 100.(請求數)
      -c  Number of requests to run concurrently. Total number of requests cannot
          be smaller than the concurrency level. Default is 10. (併發數)
      -q  Rate limit, in queries per second (QPS). Default is no rate limit. (速率限制)
      -z  Duration of application to send requests (seconds). When duration is reached,
          application stops and exits. If duration is specified, n is ignored.
          Examples: -z 10s.(請求時長)
      -m  HTTP method, one of GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS.(請求方法)
      -t  Timeout for each request in seconds. Default is 20, use 0 for infinite. (每個請求的等待時間)
      -d  HTTP request body (POST). (請求參數)
      -T  Content-type, defaults to "text/html".(請求的頭部信息)